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Menstrual Cup for Me?

So how do they they work?

Menstrual Cups are bell-shaped cups made from safe, soft, medical-grade silicone which you fold to insert, and it pops open to form a shield. Fluid is trapped until the cup is removed for emptying.

They come in two sizes: Small is more for teens or women under 30, while Large is more for women over 30 or who have had children.

Some of the benefits: - They are reusable. And for years! Saving a ton of money. - You hardly feel them or even at all. - You can wear it for up to 12 hours before having to empty, which is a lot longer than a tampon. - A leak-free alternative to tampons or pads. - No dryness, compared to tampons, which preserves healthy bacteria. - Contains no chemicals, unlike tampons or pads. - No fluid exposed to air, which eliminates odor. - Environmentally friendly. No tampons or pads that end up in the trash or down the drain.

Some of the hassles: - Might take some time and practice to learn how to insert. - Cleaning.

Consult your doctor to discuss if there might be any personal risks or for a size recommendation.

Blog by: Moonlight Candy Team


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