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It’s 2023 and we live in the modern age where getting a sex toy is not only acceptable, but encouraged. But all the options available can be bit overwhelming.

So, we thought we’ll do a short summary of some of the types of toys out there. For your education or consideration. Let’s jump into it!

1. Dildos and Strap-Ons Probably the best known toy, by name. Mainly used for penetration to stimulate the g-spot, anus or prostate. Come in various shapes and sizes, but often penis shaped. Dildos can be made out of silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, or even glass. If you combine a dildo with a harness you wear around your waist, you have a strap-on. 2. Bullet Vibrators A popular toy for first timers. Small. Cheap. Discreet. Shaped like a bullet and it vibrates. Can be used to stimulate numerous body parts, but mostly used on the clitoris.

3. Wand Vibrators Made specifically for direct clitoral stimulation. Come in many sizes so they are excellent first-time toys as well. You can start small and go bigger as you get more comfortable. They have a long handle and large head that gives intense vibration.

4. Clitoral Suction Vibrators Thanks to advances in technology we have a toy that mimics the feeling of receiving oral stimulation. They use air and suction to stimulate the clitoris, and some have vibration as well.

5. Rabbit Vibrator These are basically when you combine a dildo and a clitoral vibrator. They normally include a vibrating shaft or dildo and a smaller attachment that sits atop the clitoris. The attachment can sometimes vibrate, suck, lick, etc. The attachment is sometimes shaped like bunny ears, hence the name. They are designed to stimulate inside and outside simultaneously. 6. Penis/Cock Rings Not just made for men, but for couples too. Also cheap and easy to use toy. They go around the base of the penis to keep the blood flow in, which helps erections last longer and increase the sensation. Some penis rings have little vibrators on them, to stimulate you and/or your partner.

7. Male Masturbators “Pocket Pussies”, “Fleshlights”, “Masturbation Cups”. These are all pretty much a masturbator device that contains a textured tube or artificial mouth/anus/vagina. Some have advanced functions like vibration, heating, pump actions, shock settings etc. 8. Anal Toys, Butt Plugs and Prostate Massagers Toys made specifically to stimulate and/or go inside your anus. This stimulates the anal cavity or the prostate and is also known to create a pleasant “full” sensation if you wear it while receiving vaginal penetration. Remember the lube! 9. Couples Sex Toys Well, all sex toys can be couples toys but some are specifically designed for that purpose. Made for wearing during sex or for helping partners control the timing of their orgasms, and there are many remote and app-controlled toys. Fun and kinky! Too many shapes and sizes to mention here.

10. Kegel & Ben Wa Balls Who can forget THAT scene from 50 Shades?! These nifty toys are basically just silicone/metal/glass balls designed to be inserted into the vagina to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, or to give a sense of fullness and stimulation. Some come with remote or app-control.

We hope this helped you identify a few toys and perhaps one of them tickled your fancy. Browse our website if you need to see pictures 😉 ~ Moonlight Candy Team


Whether you are a guy or a girl, at some point you must have been at least curious about trying out anal sex.

Maybe you have been on the giving end or maybe receiving. Perhaps you always wanted to try it just to say you’ve been there done that. No matter how (in)experienced you are, here are a few tips to make sure the experience is a good one.

1. Have the Talk It is crucial that you and your partner have a serious discussion about what both of you want out of this experience. One of you should not feel pressured into something you do not want. It should be a comfortable and carefully planned experience to avoid any physical or emotional pain.

2. Get the Lube Lube is a necessity for pain-free anal. Silicone Based Lube is the best option. It doesn’t damage condoms, lasts longer than water-based lubes and is also smoother than other lubes. Oil Based Lube works well, but can damage toys/condoms and is a menace to get out of linen.

3. Start Playing with Toys “Rimming” in short, is when you stimulate the anus. The idea is to open up the anus to receive penetration. A small sex toy or even your finger is perfect! Start by pressing the anal area. Avoid in-and-out motions and rather focus on entering little by little and staying there for a few seconds until the sphincter can get used to that and relax, and then you push it a little more. Make sure you do this at a speed that is comfortable for the person receiving. FEEDBACK ALL THE WAY!

4. Good to Go Once you reached a point where you can comfortably insert the sex toy or more than one finger, and slowly thrust in and out, you are ready for anal sex. For beginners it is recommended to have the person giving on their back. So that the person receiving is in a position to control thrusting and depth. Remember the lube! And stay comfortable.

5. A Few Positions to Try Cowgirl or reverse Cowgirl is good to start with, or you can even try other positions where the receiving partner is on top. Once you are more confident you can progress to from behind positions like Doggystyle or on your back. These might actually be physically easier, but you sacrifice the control. You can also start getting creative with a few sex toys.

Stay safe, stay clean, stay lubed and keep communicating. Have fun!

- Moonlight Candy Team


They say all good things come to an end. Sometimes sooner than you expected. It can be a very sad day when you were looking forward to using your favorite toy only to discover that it has unexpectedly stopped working.

We made a list of typical mistakes people make and a few tips when it comes to taking care of your toy.

1. CLEANING It is absolutely necessary to clean your toy often and correctly. Use mild soap and warm water, or specialty toy cleaner instead, and make sure to dry them thoroughly. Do not use a dishwasher or put in boiling water and do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals.

2. BEWARE THE WATER When cleaning your toy, or using it in the bath or shower, avoid submerging the toy in water. There are still charging holes where water can come in and destroy the battery even if the toy is water resistant.

3. BATTERY If you're using a toy that uses batteries, take them out whenever you're not using the toy. If your toy charges, do not leave the toy dead for a too long period (a week) without charging; remove the charger when the toy is finished charging; and do not use the toy while it is charging. These will definitely affect the battery in a bad way.

4. USING LUBE Use only water-based lubricants and don't use silicone lube with silicone toys. Silicone lube rubbing up against a silicone toy actually ends up wearing away the silicone. Science etsê.

5. STORAGE Store it in a clean, room temperature place. Extreme heat/cold or sunlight also damages the battery and the silicone. Also consider getting a nice pouch to store your toy in to keep it clean and out of harm’s way.

We really hope these tips will help you build a long-term relationship with your toy, instead of short fling…as you both deserve.

~ Moonlight Candy Team

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