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Ever wondered at what point the magic ends?

Will my partner want to stop making love before or after me? How do I keep the fun going for as long as possible?

You’d be surprised to know that there isn’t a set age limit, for men or women, when the desire for sex starts to die down. But due to biology and psychology it is bound to happen eventually.

So let’s break it down for each gender to help you better prepare for what’s to come.


In your 20s is when you are at your most fertile. So you are “wired” to have sex mainly for the purpose of reproduction. During this time you might be more picky about having sex and who you choose to sleep with.

Once you hit your 30s and 40s, after your fertility starts to decline, is when your sex drive is at it’s highest. You start having sex earlier in relationships, and start to see sex as a communication tool with your partner rather than a means to reproduce. You place more importance on sex and is more likely to stay sexually active during this time.

This is also the time when you might have already had a child (or more than one). Childbirth has an affect on your desire for sex, but it is different for each woman. Breastfeeding, raising kids, and other work can also affect the time, energy, and interest you have in sex. Although your hormones are all over the place during pregnancy, they should return to normal afterwards.

In your later age, 50s and over, is when you worry less about getting pregnant so you might actually become more interested in having sex. But this is also when you approach menopause and estrogen levels start to drop i.e. drop on libido (more on that here: )


At a younger age, like your teens and 20s, your testosterone levels are through the roof. Of course you are more hornier than you will ever be, but you also do not have a lot of experience. This creates some anxiety in men and can actually cause men to be “scared” of sex.

Even though testosterone starts to slowly decrease during your mid 30s, it isn’t by a lot so you will likely still be horny well into your old age, just a little less each year. It is also during your 30/40s that you become more experienced and confident in the bedroom. The major factors that contribute to men losing interest in sex are mostly stress, work, family commitments and overall health.

Interesting thing is that men can continue to have sex pretty much to the day they die, but factors such as mental health, medical conditions and medication can contribute to low libido and/or erectile dysfunction.


Bottomline, age is just a number when it comes to having sex. If you plan on “getting your freak on” well into your retirement, then the best advice would be to take care of your body, nurture your mental health, always communicate honestly with your partner, and consult a doctor where modern science can fill in the gaps.

Moonlight Candy Team


All men and women can experience low libido/sex drive. It simply refers to the lowered interest in having sex or a decrease in the frequency and/or intensity of sexual desire that you once had. So let’s break down a few facts to help you better understand and perhaps manage a low libido.


Here are a few factors to consider, but if any of these are applicable you should consult your GP for an expert opinion.

1. Relationship Problems It might be hard to admit to yourself or your partner, but this is the most common cause. Are you happy in the relationship? Are you over-familiar sexually? Does the relationship cause you stress?

2. Your Mental Health If you have a lot on your mind, sometimes thinking about sex might be at the bottom of the list. Are you stressed from being over-worked? Do you suffer from depression?

3. Medication A lot of medication has low sex drive listed as a side effect, especially anti-depressants. Make sure to be aware of the effects your medication has on your body.

4. Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs This is a bit of a “no brainer”. The excessive use of alcohol and drugs will definitely impact your desire to have sex. No need for us to even explain why smoking is bad.

5. Age and Hormones As our bodies get older, we have a drop in sex hormones and an increase in other health issues. Menopause, hysterectomy, and an underactive thyroid can also impact your hormonal levels leading to low libido.


Considering the causes listed above, it is clear that libido can be restored naturally most of the time by simply improving your lifestyle. Focus on your mental health and consult a professional like a therapist. Work on your relationship by increasing quality time and communication. Manage your stress better. Get more sleep. Improve your diet. Exercise regularly. Try sex therapy. Focus a bit more on foreplay and don’t be shy to try new things in bed…a new toy perhaps? 😉


In short, “NO!”. The best these do is have a possible placebo effect. Since these pills are hardly regulated on no proven science to back them, they may end up causing more harm than good. The best advice would be to consult a doctor and start hormonal treatment or other legitimate medication.


Low libido affects everyone and at different stages of their lives. How you decide to manage it comes down to personal choices. Ask yourself the hard questions and make the right decisions, since there might not be quick fix. Seek professional help if low libido impacts your overall well-being.

- Moonlight Candy Team


It’s 2023 and we live in the modern age where getting a sex toy is not only acceptable, but encouraged. But all the options available can be bit overwhelming.

So, we thought we’ll do a short summary of some of the types of toys out there. For your education or consideration. Let’s jump into it!

1. Dildos and Strap-Ons Probably the best known toy, by name. Mainly used for penetration to stimulate the g-spot, anus or prostate. Come in various shapes and sizes, but often penis shaped. Dildos can be made out of silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, or even glass. If you combine a dildo with a harness you wear around your waist, you have a strap-on. 2. Bullet Vibrators A popular toy for first timers. Small. Cheap. Discreet. Shaped like a bullet and it vibrates. Can be used to stimulate numerous body parts, but mostly used on the clitoris.

3. Wand Vibrators Made specifically for direct clitoral stimulation. Come in many sizes so they are excellent first-time toys as well. You can start small and go bigger as you get more comfortable. They have a long handle and large head that gives intense vibration.

4. Clitoral Suction Vibrators Thanks to advances in technology we have a toy that mimics the feeling of receiving oral stimulation. They use air and suction to stimulate the clitoris, and some have vibration as well.

5. Rabbit Vibrator These are basically when you combine a dildo and a clitoral vibrator. They normally include a vibrating shaft or dildo and a smaller attachment that sits atop the clitoris. The attachment can sometimes vibrate, suck, lick, etc. The attachment is sometimes shaped like bunny ears, hence the name. They are designed to stimulate inside and outside simultaneously. 6. Penis/Cock Rings Not just made for men, but for couples too. Also cheap and easy to use toy. They go around the base of the penis to keep the blood flow in, which helps erections last longer and increase the sensation. Some penis rings have little vibrators on them, to stimulate you and/or your partner.

7. Male Masturbators “Pocket Pussies”, “Fleshlights”, “Masturbation Cups”. These are all pretty much a masturbator device that contains a textured tube or artificial mouth/anus/vagina. Some have advanced functions like vibration, heating, pump actions, shock settings etc. 8. Anal Toys, Butt Plugs and Prostate Massagers Toys made specifically to stimulate and/or go inside your anus. This stimulates the anal cavity or the prostate and is also known to create a pleasant “full” sensation if you wear it while receiving vaginal penetration. Remember the lube! 9. Couples Sex Toys Well, all sex toys can be couples toys but some are specifically designed for that purpose. Made for wearing during sex or for helping partners control the timing of their orgasms, and there are many remote and app-controlled toys. Fun and kinky! Too many shapes and sizes to mention here.

10. Kegel & Ben Wa Balls Who can forget THAT scene from 50 Shades?! These nifty toys are basically just silicone/metal/glass balls designed to be inserted into the vagina to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, or to give a sense of fullness and stimulation. Some come with remote or app-control.

We hope this helped you identify a few toys and perhaps one of them tickled your fancy. Browse our website if you need to see pictures 😉 ~ Moonlight Candy Team

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