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Whether you are a guy or a girl, at some point you must have been at least curious about trying out anal sex.

Maybe you have been on the giving end or maybe receiving. Perhaps you always wanted to try it just to say you’ve been there done that. No matter how (in)experienced you are, here are a few tips to make sure the experience is a good one.

1. Have the Talk It is crucial that you and your partner have a serious discussion about what both of you want out of this experience. One of you should not feel pressured into something you do not want. It should be a comfortable and carefully planned experience to avoid any physical or emotional pain.

2. Get the Lube Lube is a necessity for pain-free anal. Silicone Based Lube is the best option. It doesn’t damage condoms, lasts longer than water-based lubes and is also smoother than other lubes. Oil Based Lube works well, but can damage toys/condoms and is a menace to get out of linen.

3. Start Playing with Toys “Rimming” in short, is when you stimulate the anus. The idea is to open up the anus to receive penetration. A small sex toy or even your finger is perfect! Start by pressing the anal area. Avoid in-and-out motions and rather focus on entering little by little and staying there for a few seconds until the sphincter can get used to that and relax, and then you push it a little more. Make sure you do this at a speed that is comfortable for the person receiving. FEEDBACK ALL THE WAY!

4. Good to Go Once you reached a point where you can comfortably insert the sex toy or more than one finger, and slowly thrust in and out, you are ready for anal sex. For beginners it is recommended to have the person giving on their back. So that the person receiving is in a position to control thrusting and depth. Remember the lube! And stay comfortable.

5. A Few Positions to Try Cowgirl or reverse Cowgirl is good to start with, or you can even try other positions where the receiving partner is on top. Once you are more confident you can progress to from behind positions like Doggystyle or on your back. These might actually be physically easier, but you sacrifice the control. You can also start getting creative with a few sex toys.

Stay safe, stay clean, stay lubed and keep communicating. Have fun!

- Moonlight Candy Team


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