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The DB-1931 Prostate Massager

The DB-1931 Prostate Massager


This remote controlled dual motor prostate massager is a powerful and luxurious massager ideal for couples or solo play.


Featuring two separate powerful motors, you are able to experience both internal and external stimulation.

For her, simply wear the massager with the curved arm worn internally and allow the thicker shorter arm to rest directly on top of your clitoral area. The dual stimulation of both your g-spot and clitoris provides intense orgasms that are longer-lasting and far more intense than clitoral stimulation alone. For him, insert the curved arm gently into his anus and allow the shorter, thicker arm to sit directly underneath his perineum area. The dual motors and powerful stimulation provide the perfect p-spot massage and allow for intense orgasms that can be felt inside his entire anal canal.


With the remote control feature, couple play is riveting and allows you to change modes and intensities seamlessly. The massager offers 1.5 hours of play on a single charge, a heating function and provides 7 vibration modes. Completely waterproof, play is anywhere, anytime and is best used with your favourite water-based lubricant.  


Code: DB-1931

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