Brenda Prostate Massager

Brenda Prostate Massager


The Brenda Prostate Massager is a two in one perineum and prostate massager that deliver sensations that go beyond anything you've experienced before.

Designed for comfort, with the soft silcone and flexible base. With 10 vibrational modes, a remote control, and fully rechargeable this prostate and anal massager stimulates via gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations. The perfectly designed head ensures pinpoint precision and with it's flexible base designed for comfort and all-over stimulation, the Brenda Prostate Massager increases your orgasmic strength and stimulation tenfold.

WIth the remote control you are now able to play from anywhere in the room. Control the powerful vibrations remotely to give your partner the ultimate in playful thrill and pleasure.

Model: YAI66W 011A