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Aden Kegel Balls Vibrating Egg Set

Aden Kegel Balls Vibrating Egg Set

N$1,600.00 Regular Price
N$770.00Sale Price

These are super sleek kegel balls sets designed to strengthen and tone your pelvic area whilst allowing you or your partner to increase your pleasure thanks to the easy to use remote control.Made from luxurious body safe silicone, you have 10 vibration settings through which to navigate.

Simply insert the kegels into your vaginal canal (with a little help from your favourite water-based lubricant) with the retrieval cord visible on the outside. As the kegels respond to each of your body's movement, your pelvic and kegel muscles will gently contract and hug the kegels causing your muscles to strengthen and tighten. The sensation of the vibrations of your vaginal canal create an incredible arousal and more so when driven by your partner. To remove, simply tug on the retrieval string and gently remove the kegels, wash them in warm soapy water and dry for your next use. Regular use of your kegels will ensure a tight pelvic area, stronger orgasms, and avoiding urinary incontinence.

Model: YAI66W 022A

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