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How To Stop Playing Small

Did you know that by the age of 35 around 95% of your thoughts 🧠 are just a loop that is repeated on autopilot?⁣

Unless you are consciously open to receiving new information without judgement, your brain will filter everything you see/experience/read/hear through what you *already know to be true.*⁣

Want to peek into your thought loops? Ask yourself these questions...

👉 What outdated/inaccurate stories have you been telling yourself for years?⁣

👉 How do you think that impacts the way you see yourself as a sexual being? ⁣

👉 How do you think that impacts the way you respond to your lover?⁣

Here’s a reframe for you: You can *give yourself permission* to wipe your slate clean of those old thoughts so that you can live a new reality - one that will feel infinitely better for you. Here’s an exercise to get you started:⁣

🖊️ Begin by journaling on the 3 questions above. Allow yourself to write without editing and see what comes up for you. ⁣

😢 Feel any feelings that arise as you write. Allow emotions to bubble up and be released.⁣

💖 Breathe into your heart and affirm that you are ready to see a new reality. One that isn’t limited to what you have believed for all these years.⁣

💫 Next time you notice an old thought pop up, don’t beat yourself up. Gently observe it and then choose a different thought that works for you and the life you want for yourself.⁣

It’s time to stop playing small and pretending you don’t know how powerful you truly are - in the bedroom and beyond. No more lying to yourself. No more acting as though you aren’t worthy.⁣

You are infinitely powerful, it’s time to reclaim that truth!

I’d love to know which of these ideas most appeals to you? Let me know in the comments!

- Lisa Welsh

Lisa is a Sexual Empowerment and Pleasure Coach who helps people to overcome sexual shame and insecurities so that they can step into their true orgasmic nature.

More from Lisa at her website ( or Instagram (@inbedwithlisa).


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